Our story

Not so long ago, Brunswick Park was not a park but part of a busy steam railway stretching across North London.

years of existence
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Until the early 1970s, there were no lawns or trees here. Instead, this was the site of an extra platform for Seven Sister stations.

The Palace Gates branch line connected the station to Wood Green and Alexandra Palace.

(Map via NLS)

The last trains ran in 1964 and the railway lines were removed in the decade that followed, leaving behind an open space that has developed into the park you see today.

(Picture: Tony Statham, Disused Stations)

Recent renewal

In 2017, the park received funding from the London Marathon Charitable Trust and Tesco to redevelop its entrances and playing areas to create a more welcoming environment for all users. Haringey Council has also installed new outdoor gym equipment to encourage a healthy lifestyle among park residents.