Friends of Brunswick Park met representatives from Haringey Council and the local police Safer Neighbourhood Team to discuss environmental, maintenance and security improvements and future initiatives and projects to the park.

New CCTV camera for northern end of Brunswick Park

After a few years of lobbying by Friends and Neighbourhood Watches for CCTV, we were informed that the council and police had agreed to install CCTV looking towards the park.

There are plans for one to be situated at the north end of the park near the Brunswick Road entrance.

To comply with social distancing rules, only six people attended the meeting:

Friends of Brunswick Park: Charlotte Brennan, Robert How (co-chairs, Friends of Brunswick Park)

Haringey Council: Alistair Smith (Parks Projects Manager), Stuart Hopking (Parks Manager), Lily Labonte (Physical Activity Officer)

Metropolitan Police: PC Jason Taylor, PC Jon Hallam (Tottenham Green SNT)

The meeting discussed the following:

CCTV & Security and Personal Safety

The park is currently within the Area of the Public Space Protection Order, which is a tool to deal with crime such as drug dealing and antisocial behaviour. This is enforced by the Police and the Council's Enforcement Team.

There is discussion about a possible second CCTV.

Action: Robert to follow through


The Friends have also been lobbying for effective traffic slowing chicanes to be installed at entrances.

Stuart said there were currently no resources but police said it was important to install a more effective means of deterring the moped riders who use the park as a rat run and means of escape. Chicanes may slow traffic and reduce risk of collision with pedestrians or children using the park.

There was mention by Friends of the park being used as a cycle route and for it to be incorporated in any LTN and other initiatives.

Alistair said those interested should contact the Smarter Travel Team in Haringey.

Actions: Group to look at viable options using examples such as the cycle route through Walthamstow Marshes.

Robert to supply photos of examples and to liaise with cycling organisations who have experience of these types of routes and controls.

SNT to talk with a colleague who specialises in 'designing out' crime

Robert to pass on relevant contact info to Nick at FARA

Maintenance & fencing

The Council apologised for accidentally cutting the designated flower meadow.

They are happy that the Friends have now fenced off the meadow area. Another two  smaller triangular areas are to also have fencing.

Action: Stuart to supply metal stakes for fencing. He will arrange to deliver to Charlotte along with green waste bags.

Central flower bed fence

It was agreed that it would be best to remove the fencing around the flower bed near the table tennis tables.

This would allow easier access to maintain and for table tennis players to retrieve their balls without having to climb over the fence.

Action: For Stuart to arrange.


Action: Damaged trees to be replaced by council and Stuart also to supply more flowering cherry trees for planting near the Roslyn Road entrance.

Grass cutting

The wildflower meadow should be cut just twice a year only. Not during flowering season.

Actions: Stuart to liaise with Friends about cutting regimes. Robert has sent an email about this.

Stuart to contact Alex Scott who is responsible for supplying trees.

Kiddies playground

Stuart said he would arrange to replace the missing swings

Alistair to consider moving a bench to the playground to replace the existing one. Naturally there are cost implications.

Alistair reiterated our wish to extend the area of the playground in order to remove the narrow corridor of wasteland where rubbish has been dumped.

The Friends would like to help raise funds for improvements/upgrade.

Future Projects


The idea of a mural on the side wall on #1 Birstall was discussed. A possible competition organised by Friends for local artists to paint a mural to reflect diversity and history of the area and a possible link with an immigration/Windrush theme.

There will need to be a far bit of planning and ground work.

Actions: SNT to liaise with colleague to approach owner of property for permission

Friends to discuss at the next meeting and to invite members to be on a working group for the project. There is the possibility for a link with other art/craft initiatives such as the Art Walk project.


Though we have already mentioned the addition of more gym equipment it's unlikely. We may have to apply for a grant for this to happen.

Committee members will liaise with Lily and look at other ways of raising money

In the next week or so Lily will be officially launching health and fitness activities to run in the park through the summer. Robert put Lily in touch with Lizzie from Roslyn Road, who is a trained PT and would also like to organise fitness sessions in the park.

Actions: Lizzie to liaise with Lily

Lily suggested Friends meet her to discuss the 'People in Parks' initiative.

Upgrade Lighting

The SNT suggested that the lighting needs to be upgraded to help improve security at night. They said LED lights, when present, have a huge impact on the levels of criminal activities taking place as they are a great deterrent.

Though Alistair said there was no budget for this, it seems the police may lobby for it. I said the Friends were likely to support this idea.

Action: PC Jon Hallam said he would find out about funding from 'Street Budgets'.

Native hedgerow planting

There was some discussion about the possibility of planting a native hedgerow along the wall at the side of the end house on Roslyn Road. This would not only add diversity to the park, but to also deter the wall being used as a urinal.